fleischer carcass

from by Ana treacle



i really haven’t been myself these days... i’m moving slower and i’m mad, but usually i keep the waves at bay. thought i’d check to find a sec for you to help me with this baby, cuz i really wish it wouldn’t glue me down, snapping tacky happy grins to my chin when sweeter blood is around. find i’m falling deeper inward on the daily, thought i’d check to find a sec for you to level with me baby, tell me...

am i losing it? am i out of touch? am i making friends enemies by sleeping in too much? am i missing out on opportunities to be better? to be who may draw you further into me? is all i’ve got some issues handling and managing my time? if i’m wrong, will i get right? or am i just an average bag of mouse-meat, talking and talking to myself over bedroom beats?

you say you want a revolution, well maybe i don’t. so, why am i here? things just seem to spiral down, and i just seem to keep on drowning…

want to try this out? it’s easy!

just take all the things you love and things you did for fun, apply two pounds of pressure and make sure those things get done, work your friendships dry, and lose control of your life... watch it drift by - wait!

am i losing it? am i out of touch? or are all these things just creeping up cause we hang out too much? am i choking cuz you’re filling up the room? disconnected, feeling separate, cuz i’ve got no space to move? is all this is a case of me knowing exactly what i need? if i stopped, would you let me? cuz when i’m with it i feel just like mouse-meat, waiting and wanting but never feeling like it’s for me.

it’s like i’m always sleeping, but i’m in someone else’s dream. it’s hard to discern whether it’s me or it’s the times. i’ll have to take a chance and see.

i’ll have to take a chance on me.


from GLUE [EP 2], released November 4, 2015
fleischer carcass is written around a sample from ralph rainger's "love in bloom"




Ana treacle Toronto, Ontario

instrumentals and stems can be found at my official site below

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